Forum Thread: How to Make a Bottle-Bow Shooter(Simple & Powerful)

Hello guys u might be wondering how to get a powerful shooter in just a couple of minutes with simple things.
So here I'm sharing a wonderful guide on how to make an extreme bottle-bow shooter.....

Step 1: Materials Required :

*An empty plastic bottle(having a narrow upward shape)
*A good paper cutter
*A thic balloon
*A rubber cork (should get fit in the bottle mouth )
*An electric adhesive tape
*Some rubber bands for decoration
Some sticks (arrows)

Step 2: Now Watch the Tutorial in the Video(It's Clearly Shown)

Step 3: Get Set to Operate It

After u have created ur shooter ,get set to launch it
*Insert the arrow inside the bottle
*Grab the arrow with the rigid end of the balloon
*Stretch the balloon with high force holding the arrow.
*LAUNCH N FIRE it in the open.
NOTE:The shooter is extremely powerful ,So Please be CAREFUL while launching the arrow

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